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Hi! My name is Anthony and I am an execution oriented program manager with nearly a decade of experience scaling and launching product roadmaps for top tier partner programs (Apple, Microsoft, Google). My strengths include the ability to navigate complex program challenges, develop solutions alongside cross functional teams, and drive the launch of go-to-market activities. This is reflected in my proven track record of successfully launching 20+ NPI products to market, generating total revenues over $4.55M.

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"Many companies get trapped by the paradox of hitting numbers ‘now’ versus improving sales for future quarters or years ahead."

-Tiffani Bova

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Using the Right Social Media Platform for Your Target Audience

Use the right social media platform for your target audience and get the most out of your marketing efforts and dollars. Doing it right the first time, you can bring in more sales or clients to your business and give you a tangible campaign that can be replicated in the future. First, it is important to who your audience is and what social media platform(s) they are using.


Program Development with Made for Google

For those who are unfamiliar with Google’s Made for Google (MFG) program, it is a program offered by Google where approved third party companies can submit their products through a series of tests. If the product passes the tests, the product will earn the covided Made for Google badge to showcase on their product packaging, website and marketing material.

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What Is the Difference Between Project Management and Program Management?

The program manager has more responsibilities than a project management contractor has. The prior use programs on the macro, while the latter uses tools on the micro. Besides, a program manager handles multiple projects or programs, while a program manager manages his team to fulfill a project and achieve its specific deliverables.


Very best opinions

"If you were to look up the definition of program manager, you would likely see a picture of Anthony. As his manager, I witnessed Anthony take on impossible projects and make them look easy. He was able to bring together members of cross functional teams distributed around the globe and deliver exceptional results. I truly hope that I have the opportunity to work with Anthony in the future."
Rob B
Rob B
Head of Global Enterprise Channel - Hardware Partnerships
"Anthony is one of the hardest working people that I have ever worked with and he is always looking for ways to improve processes. He does not shy away from helping others complete tasks and has a great understanding of many parts of the business. Anthony was always the first to step forward when we needed someone to step up and I feel extremely lucky to have worked with him over the years."
Steve R
Steve R
Director of Sales at Strax Americas at STRAX AB
"Remarkably capable of managing any project, he flawless helped drive critical business projects to completion. His most notable achievement was launching a global training platform that was described by a national retail trainer as "the best vendor training platform" he had seen. No matter how stressful a day, Anthony kept a positive attitude - that contribution is not only impactful but contagious!"
Kelsey G
Kelsey G
Marketing Director at Wondera

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Our done-for-you digital marketing helps businesses make an impact online, our team has years of proven success increasing partner's business, building a community, and brand awareness.


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SEO is an art and no one does it better than AGT. Our experts meticulously work to understand what drives results, bringing your business to the top of Google search pages.

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Program Development

From employee incentive or customer retention programs to new product categories launches, AGT will develop and deploy a custom program to achieve your goals.​



Whether you need help with a new project or getting a project back on schedule, on budget or in scope, AGT will get you past the finish line. PMP certified project managers are here for you.

Training Program Development

When you need to training material for your team or your customers, it is imperative to offer training material that covers all 4 major learning styles to work effectively.


Product Development

From physical product like a consumer electronics to tactile product or a software / application development, AGT will take your product from concept to market.

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