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NetFlow Optimizer™

A powerful real-time processing engine for any type of flow data, including NetFlow, sFlow, J-Flow, and IPFIX

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what can NetFlow Optimizer do for you?

Trouble Shooting

Use NetFlow Optimizer (NFO) to see horizontal and vertical traffic, from both your physical and virtual networks. See bottlenecks, each application, and which users are affected by the bottlenecks. See overloaded and malfunctioning interfaces. Identify whether the problem lies within your network or is caused by application servers. See bandwidth hogs.

Cloud & Hybrid Observability

NetFlow Optimizer (NFO) will monitor your applications across your clouds and data center infrastructure. Identify performance issues, network response, network bandwidth problems and latency. Benefit from instant identification of host and network devices issuing most TCP resets. Pinpoint the source of the problem, reducing time to resolution.

Capacity Planning

NetFlow Optimizer (NFO) will enable you to see real time and historical network utilization. See which parts of your network are close to capacity and which parts are under-utilized. Optimize for network performance and budget planning.

DDOS Detection

NetFlow Optimizer’s (NFO’s) DDOS Detector provides immediate alerts via your SIEM system. NFO’s DDOS Detector is more robust than most DDOS systems, because it is not vulnerable to volumetric flood attacks. It does not rely on baseline data collection, which can take weeks to establish. In some case, the DDOS Detector can predict a DDOS attach before it happens. NFO’s advanced analytics engine can reduce false positives by 90% -- by analyzing many traffic characteristics.

Identify Insiders Engaged in Suspicious Activity

Data Exfiltration: Use NetFlow Optimizer (NFO) to identify large amounts of data moved outbound to external sites or laterally within your network.
Unauthorized Access: Configure NFO to identify which users are allowed access to specified systems, databases, and other applications. NFO will alert unauthorized access.

Compliance & Forensics

Communications service providers and large enterprises can be required to keep Internet Connection Records for a maximum of 12 months, to support law enforcement and other government agencies with crime and/or incident investigations and evidence. NetFlow Optimizer (NFO) can send all flows to long term storage to fulfill this compliance requirement, or for later forensic purposes.

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We Solve Real Problems

what can NetFlow Optimizer do for you?

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