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Using the Right Social Media Platform for Your Target Audience


A Statista report revealed that there are 3.6 billion social media users worldwide in 2020 and a predicted 4.41 billion users by 2025. While these figures can make you optimistic about using social media for marketing your eCommerce business, you cannot target everyone (*with an exception I will discuss later). Instead, consider developing a smart digital marketing strategy or signup for AGT’s complete done-for-you digital marketing service. 

If you want to develop your own digital marketing strategy, you will need to use the right social media platform for your target audience and get the most out of your marketing efforts and dollars. Doing it right the first time, brands can bring in more sales or clients to their business and give them a tangible campaign that can be replicated in the future. First, it is important to know who your audience is and what social media platform(s) they are using. 

Why does it matter?  It is so that you can focus your advertising and marketing effort on the platform where YOUR CUSTOMERS are – where you can reach them and the type of assets to create.  

Here’s where generational marketing comes in. It’s a marketing approach using generational segmentation in your marketing communication.  Now, what are the primary generations?

5 Generations of the Modern Society

  • Traditionalists (Silent Generation): They’re born in 1945 and before.
  • Baby Boomers:  They’re born between 1946 to 1964.
  • Gen X:  People born between 1965 to 1976.
  • Millennials or Gen Y:  Those born between 1977 to 1995
  • Centennials, Gen Z or iGen: Born between 1996 and now

For example, millennials are the fastest-growing customer generation in the marketplace and are on TikTok and Instagram. 

What does this mean to you? If you’re looking to develop a smart 2021 marketing strategy, consider using these platforms in placing social media ads to reach a higher number of millennial customers.

Instagram & TikTok

A great example of a campaign that went viral, Chipotle used TikTok and launched its campaign #GuacDance challenge that encouraged followers to show off their dance version for the “Guacamole Song” of Dr. Jean.

As most TikTok users are teens and young adults ages 16 to 24 years old, interactive campaigns, especially challenges, like #GuacDance challenge, can become a viral hit, accelerating your brand.  So, if you’re targeting Gen Z and millennials, you will need a strong presence on TikTok and Instagram and a strong ad campaign strategy with the right content (which includes relevant hashtags and well developed captions) to attract a meaningful and engaged audience that will convert into actual sales. 

For both platforms, consider using influencers or creators (TikTok Creator Marketplace) with whom you can partner with to elevate your brands. Note that this can be quite an expensive investment and is ideal if you can find influencers and creators to collaborate with outside of a paid partnership if possible, i.e. they REALLY love your product. Influencers can humanize your story, mostly light-hearted and offbeat, and reach a possibly more engaged customer base regularly. Brands can be light-hearted themselves as well, offering behind the scenes looks of processes or events, employee testimonials or fun interactions between the team. Mixing up social content types will help show the human side of your brand and build your reputation as a “human” company.

Other types of ads include brand takeover, biddable ads, branded lenses, and top views.

To target Gen Z and the millennials, you can also use Instagram ads, which the platform opened in late 2015. Why place ads on Instagram and TikTok? According to Instagram Business, 200 million Instagram users visit at least one business profile daily and In a survey commissioned by Facebook, Inc., 81% of respondents said Instagram helps them research products and services1. TikTok has 50 million daily users in the US and they spend an average of 52 minutes per day on the app according to Business for Aps. Thus, making them both attractive platforms to showcase your brand and increase your profits.

instagram & tiktok Target audience

Audience: Gen Z and millennials

Industries: Food and lifestyle, fashion/clothing, products/services for Gen Z and millennials

TikTok Google Play store
Source: Google Playstore
Source: Google Play Store

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Seventy-four percent (74%) of Gen X use Facebook, and Boomers don’t want to be left behind. In fact, the latter’s use of Facebook increased by double digits since 2015, according to PEW RESEARCH

How to make the most out of your Facebook ad strategy? For Gen X, offer discounts, like an introductory discount to a first time Gen X customer. You can include this in your marketing plan and offer a better #customerexperience to this discount-loving generation.

You can also create a loyalty program – because one of Gen X’s major traits is loyalty. Keep the communication personal, and minimize sales tactics.  Nevertheless, Gen X prefers an authentic and personal type of marketing.

For Boomers, speak their language!  And if you’re using trends, make sure your content is relatable to them. This does not mean you cannot branch out or do something a little more “edgy”, just take the less is more approach to gauge how your audience reacts. 

Should you consider advertising on your FB ads?  Yes; provided they’re relatable and clear. Facebook has the longest daily average usage time of 58 minutes as well as 2.7 Billion monthly users globally. If you sell a product or service for a straight fee, setting up a Facebook shop is the first action you need to take if you have not done so already. Just like for Gen X, ensure a personal touch in your message and your content is a mixture of informative and personal.

facebok Target audience

 Audience: Baby boomers and Gen X

Industries: Products and services for these groups

Facebook Page Experience
Source: Facebook Newsroom


Now before jumping on YouTube advertising, here’s what you need to know for a sound 2021 marketing strategy.

Pick the right YouTube ad format. Try experimenting with different ad formats to check on ad performance. Just be sure that you’re segmenting discovery and in-stream ads into your campaigns.

Use the right targeting options to control your ads’ audience – in-market audience and custom affinity audiences. With the right targeting options, you can literally steal business away from your competitors by having your ads play before their video. Amazing, right?!

Finally, create humanized and compelling content, something your audience can relate to like a prank or a joke that gets them laughing, for instance. This is your time to show your product value and what separates you from your competitors or the importance of your promotion/discount.

youtube Target audience

 Audience:  All ages

Industries: All

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For now, this is one of the most underutilized marketing platforms, especially for B2B sales. If brands/businesses can hone their targeting and continue engagement, their products and services can grab the attention of their customer decision makers, accelerating the sales cycle.

For the best results, be sure that you test everything, no matter your campaign budget or size. If possible, run different headline variations, calls to action, visuals, and so on. Monitor and keep optimizing! Use a compelling visual headline, too. And for your copy, make sure it’s 150 characters or less.

linkedin Target audience

For higher conversions, you might want to bid above the suggested range. You might also want to use Sponsored Content to pick the audience that will appreciate your content, especially Gen X and millennial audiences that appreciate personalized content.

Audience: Gen X and millennials

Industries: Professionals; products and services for the B2B/B2C

LinkedIn SponsoredContentImage


Are you launching a new product or hosting an event and want to get the word out fast? Would you like to tell the world about a new app you’ve just developed and it’s on the App Store or Google Play? Twitter is the best platform for this. All organizations should be on Twitter and use it often, but use it wisely!

For your ads, keep it VERY SHORT. Grab the attention of your audience in the first 2-3 second users see your posts. For ads, Twitter recommends 6-15 seconds as this is the sweet spot for most audience attention span when it comes to advertising. Making something memorable or tagging the right person or group can get your message retweeted tens of thousands of times.

Twitter Target audience

Remember, taking a direct and/or visually appealing approach to deliver your message will have users check out your full ad. Use compelling ad copy with little text. Think of your ads as if they were going on a billboard. Use different types of media as well. Whether it’s a photo collage with a witty headline, a video or a gif, will keep your audience engaged and help you gain new followers.

Primary uses: Link sharing, relationship building, event-related updates, and company/business updates

Audience: Gen Z, Millennials, and Gen X

Industries: All

Twitter ad campaign
Source: Twitter for Business

Getting Social Media right for Targeted Marketing

Social media can offer your business or platform steady growth (and profits) if you take the time to learn how to better use each one and learn who and where your audience is. To connect with your customers and expand your brand’s reach, you need a smart digital marketing strategy to use the right social media platform(s) and search ads for your target audience.

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